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The VanNortwick Family

“The House made my biggest fear go away”

The twins were born at 36 weeks and four days and while we thought they were
doing well, my son quickly took a turn and he ended up being taken to the NICU from
the operating room. Five days later we were told we could go home and take Abigail,
but Hunter was not going to be able to come home yet…


We didn’t want to leave him at the hospital by himself… and we lived too far to
visit with another newborn every day. The Ronald McDonald House of Mid-Michigan
was there for us. They allowed us to stay and be close to our son and keep Abigail with

While we were only at the house for a week, that week made all of our stress
about not seeing him every day just melt away. We knew we were close to our son if he
needed us and we could visit him multiple times a day. After having had a C-section,
driving back and forth to the hospital would not have been an option and we lived 40
minutes away.

We got to take Hunter home when he was 12 days old and we were able to bond
with him while he was in the hospital because we were living across the street. I cannot
imagine not being able to hold my baby in that time frame – that was my biggest fear
and the Ronald McDonald House made that fear go away. Everyone there was so kind
and helped us to feel at home. We always had food to eat at the end of the day, and it
was nice to be able to see others going through the same thing we were.

We are grateful for the Ronald McDonald House.