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The Stec Family

“A Miracle from God”

As a new mom, everyone thinks you go to the hospital, have a healthy baby and
go home. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. I had my baby at 34 weeks. In the
movies, women have babies and they come out and cry. Azariah didn’t cry. They rushed
him to the neonatal intensive care unit at Sparrow Hospital.

He had premature lungs, pneumonia, fluid on the brain, a major heart murmur, an
enlarged heart valve, coloboma of the iris, jaundice and anemia. We stayed in the
hospital for a week, which was a miracle from God! We felt as if we were losing time
and precious memories. Getting discharged was a feeling I’ll never forget.

Azariah’s father, Brandon, and I were in the elevator with a woman being
discharged with her new baby. Not leaving with our little Azariah was heart-wrenching!
You never know unless you’ve been there. We were feeling totally lost, but thanking
God every day for the Ronald McDonald House of Mid-Michigan and the Sparrow NICU
for taking care of our family. The staff were so welcoming and kind-hearted.

They let us stay as our baby was in the hospital, healing and becoming strong.
They welcomed us with open arms. When I walked into the house, it was not what I
expected – my eyes filled with tears as I walked into our room. Everything was

They made all the families dinner and gave us a place to wash our clothes. We
were so close to our baby boy that we could see him anytime we wanted. But what the
staff at the Ronald McDonald House doesn’t know is that the experience we went
through with them changed us forever. They showed a Godly love when we were in
need – they really are a blessing!