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The Luznak Family

“A Part of Our Family”

Our story begins with the birth of our son, Cole Andrew. He was born at 25
weeks and weighed only one pound, 15 ounces. Our hopes of having a healthy child were fading. Upon my hospital release, the nurses at Sparrow Hospital suggested that I
stay at the Ronald McDonald House of Mid-Michigan.

I had not heard much about the House — only that it was an amazing place and
that many families stay there. We went and ended up staying for almost three months.

I still get emotional when describing what an amazing place the House is.

All of the staff’s hard work allowed us to spend lots of time with our son. We
were able to be there for his first bath, his first bottle feeding, his first day off a ventilator
and his first night out of an incubator and in a crib!

We also were able to be there for daily rounds with his doctors to keep track of
his medical issues — especially his heart defect and brain hemorrhage. Without our
stay at the House, we would have never been able to make the drive daily for all these

Our son is now 11-years-old and is amazing. He knows the story of how he was
born and that we stayed at the Ronald McDonald House of Mid-Michigan. We recently
visited the House as a family.

He is amazed at how welcoming it made him feel. On our ride home, he told me
that he is so happy we could stay there and be so close to him.

He is so thankful for such a great place. The Ronald McDonald House will
always hold a special place in our heart. Thank you to the staff for all that you do — you
will always be a part of our family!