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Sonya Webster

“My Home Away From Home”

After a very difficult pregnancy, I had Sonya 11 weeks early. I didn’t know what I
was going to do. How was I going to leave my baby when I lived more than an hour

Luckily, I didn’t have to. The Ronald McDonald House of Mid-Michigan was there.
They were my sanity when my life was in chaos. The staff was amazing – my second
family. I had my home away from home.

I had a comfortable bed to sleep in and a clean place to shower. I was able to do
my laundry.

I remembered to eat because there was usually some volunteer group there
cooking something that smelled amazing. When I was stressed, there was someone
there to listen. After 37 days, I got to take Sonya to our actual home.

When we found out Sonya would have to have physical therapy three times a
week, the House was there for us once again. Sonya has stayed there several times
with me while she was receiving various treatments.

She loves it there – she considers going there a vacation. She loves the
playroom, the fish tank, the library and the playground, but especially the staff and
volunteers. She knows them by name. They are her extended family. I don’t know what
we would have done without the Ronald McDonald House of Mid-Michigan in our lives.